Friday, May 21, 2010

Be My Wife

What makes a good playlist?

This is something I've been thinking about. A lot.

The playlist will be for my wedding, when I marry my dream girl.

Should I try to appeal more to the people who will be listening or to myself?

What is my Grandmother going to enjoy more, Needles and Pins covered by The Ramones? Or the original by The Searchers?

Breathless by X or Jerry Lee Miller?

Is Joy Division's Love Will Tear Us Apart appropriate? I think it is? Or Maybe I'll play the most beautiful Raveonettes song which happens to have the line, "I close my eyes to hurt you, to leave you..."

My favorite Talking Heads song, Road to Nowhere? (Favorite because it is featured in the end credits of one of my most beloved childhood movies, Little Monsters featuring Fred Savage and Howie Mandel, pre OCD.) Surly not.

Is this too much Bowie? Drive-In Saturday, "Heroes", Oh! You Pretty Things, Queen Bitch, Sound And Vision, Be My Wife, Soul Love, Let's Dance, Modern Love, Absolute Beginners, Golden Years, Tonight, Young Americans.

Is Under My Thumb by The Rolling Stones as incredibly sexist as I just realized it may be? Am I OK with that? I think so.

Hey by the Pixies is a favorite but is not appropriate. No whores at the door of my wedding, PLEASE.

Love Vigilantes by New Order is about a guy getting killed in a war and never getting to see his wife and kid again. But it's so upbeat and danceable. I think I'll go with Age of Consent.

Can a song have the phrase fucked off in it?

One thing that is certain, you can definitely never have too much Bowie.


chelle marie said...

I had the same hesitation about "Hey". SUCH a good song though!

However, most wedding guests who are going to be horrified at song choices will likely be yaking it up and not listening too close. SO DO WHAT YOU WANT.

chelle marie said...

Uh, yaking = talking, no puking. Just to CLARIFY.

Demands Medium Dice said...

HAHAHA Can you imagine? All I can think about is that scene in Stand By Me...but at a wedding.

Lisa H. said...

loved this post. you should play what YOU want.

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